Athlete of the Month: Anthony Rodriguez

When did you join CFU, and what made you walk in those doors?

I started back in August of 2019. I wanted to know how strong my body could be. What made me walk in… I have a friend that lives in Ohio. She goes to the Dominican Republic for a week every year, she’s a coach of CrossFit. I met her in 2014. She’s a “monster!” We were running one day and she told me that I probably will be good at CrossFit. When I moved here, I decided to try and look for a gym – so here I am!

Do you remember your first WOD? Or your thoughts during that first WOD?

I probably remember having fun 🙂

What’s your favorite thing about CrossFit?

The way people here help each other is amazing. How you can support your partner if you don’t have an ego.

What type of workout do you enjoy doing the most?

I do not have a favorite workout – I personally enjoy all of them!

What’s one goal you have for the year?

By end end of the year beat [a coach] in a workout! And I want to beat my friend in Ohio, too, I’m looking forward to that!

What would you tell anyone looking to walk into CFU for the first time?

I would say the majority of the people here are friendly!

What’s your greatest achievement, or what are you most proud of thus far?

My greatest achievement is letting myself know that I am my own competition.

If there was a workout named after you:

1) What would be be called? The Butterfly

2) What would it be?

4 Rounds for Time:
14 Cal Bike
12 Burpees
7 Clean
Rest 1 minute