Athlete of the Month – Malorie Sassaman

Meet our September athlete of the month, our positive spirit Sassy Mal! She’s been with us a little over a year now thanks to her moving to Lancaster for her job. Mal is a staple in class during the week and on the weekend, despite a busy workweek and even if she can’t make it in, her fundamentals have her making awesome killer workouts at home.

When did you join CFU, and what made you walk in those doors?

I originally joined CrossFit because after finishing nearly 2 decades of a competitive sport, I felt a loss of motivation in the regular gym. My sister started CrossFit and convinced me to give it a try! 

I joined CFU in August 2019! I was working with one of the Coaches and commuting 2 hour round trips everyday. I was attending a CrossFit where I was living at the time. Once I decided to move to Lancaster, Coach Nicolle recruited me to join the CFU community! 

Do you remember your first WOD? Or your thoughts during that first WOD?

My first WOD ever was a TERRIBLE 10-9-8-7….of synchro thrusters and burpees over the bar with a partner (darn sister!). I was so overwhelmed I did not finish the WOD and left abruptly and ran home (yikes….haha there were also tears but you do not need to use this story!)  

My first WOD at CFU I cannot remember, but the SKILL that day was ring muscle ups. It was intimidating to see everyone practicing on the rings while I did some jumping pull ups, lol! 

What’s your favorite thing about CrossFit?

SO hard to pick just 1!  I think my 2 favorite things about crossfit are (1) the constant variety and learning new things in terms of what your body and mind can do and (2) the community of people passionate about fitness. 

What type of workout do you enjoy doing the most? 

Unpopular opinion, but I like running and I like endurance workouts in general. I like long WODS with running involved. For me I think it’s the mental challenge of it that I enjoy. I also tend to prefer “For time” over AMRAP or EMOM. The more I feel like I’m racing the clock the more likely I will push myself. 

What’s one goal you have for the year?

Well back in Jan 2020 my goal was 205 back squat and kipping pull ups….but as with most 2020 plans…things change! My new goal is to do 3 strict pull ups! I have had a small injury and am learning the importance of foundations before all the fancy moves. 

What would you tell anyone looking to walk into CFU for the first time?

WELCOME! We are happy you’re here and excited about fitness! Feel free to scale according to what you’re comfortable with, ask questions if you need help, and HAVE FUN! 

What’s your greatest achievement, or what are you most proud of thus far?

I am most proud of my consistency. Even if I can’t make it to the gym, CrossFit has given me the skills to create a good workout for myself at home (Big fan of 20 min morning EMOM in the basement with burpees and kettlebell movements). Everyday may not be a day to PR, but just showing up when you don’t want to and finishing a workout is a good feeling. 

If there was a workout named after you:

1) What would be be called? “Sassy Mal” 

2) What would it be? Overhead squats, box jumps, burpees, running 

7 rds for time:

400m run

14 OHS

14 box jumps

14 burpees