Athlete of the Month – Nicole Lando

Our March Athlete of the Month is none other than Nicole Lando! She brings positivity and laughter into every class she attends at the box and we’re so lucky to have her! Nicole, like many of our CFU members are in the front lines providing medial care to those in needed during these unprecedented times. Keep her (and the others!) in your thoughts, and read more about her and her journey at CFU below.

When did you join CFU, and what made you walk in those doors?
I joined in July of 2018. After graduating college, I moved back home and needed a way to stay active and make some friends. CrossFit seemed like a great way to do both. My neighbor encouraged me to try out CFU and y’all have been stuck with me ever since.

Do you remember your first WOD? Or your thoughts during that first WOD?
My first WOD wasn’t at CFU, but it was Murph. I was two weeks post-op and decided that CrossFit would be my first workout after surgery. Was that my best decision? Probably not. Did I have fun? Absolutely. I loved it so much. I finished dead last, and by a fair amount of time too, but it was so encouraging that everyone stayed to cheer me on (some people even finished the workout with me). I’m a terrible runner, though I look forward to Murph every year now.

What’s your favorite thing about CrossFit?
Definitely the community. I’ve tried all sorts of fitness over the years and always come back to CrossFit for that reason. It’s great to walk through the door and have everyone greet you, or ask where you’ve been if you’ve missed a few days. I’ve been to a few CrossFit gyms and can honestly say that the community at CFU is a special one. Everybody is so kind and friendly. I could probably do a CrossFit-style workout anywhere, but it would be pretty boring without my CFU friends doing it with me. I’ve made friends there that encourage me to get stronger, and also are generally really cool people to hang out with after class. Which is something I appreciate just as much, if not more.

What type of workout do you enjoy doing the most?
I love the long, chipper workouts that take a while to complete. I’m not a fast runner, nor am I that strong, but I’m pretty good at pacing myself and I like working on controlling my breathing. So I really enjoy these. Also, anything with a barbell and lots of burpees. I love burpees!

What’s one goal you have for the year?
I’m really close to stringing together my double unders, and I just got my own jump rope to practice at home. Fingers crossed I get there soon!

What would you tell anyone looking to walk into CFU for the first time?
CrossFit might seem super intimidating, but what I love about CFU is that it’s for anybody. I used to fear CrossFit because I was worried about injuring myself. At CFU there’s such a strong emphasis on making high-quality, safe progress. I really appreciate how thorough the coaches are when they teach movements and drill techniques. Every movement can be scaled if it’s too difficult, and everybody is seriously so welcoming. They make you feel like you belong there from day one. At the end of the day, we’re all there to have fun and sweat together.

What’s your greatest achievement, or what are you most proud of thus far?
I really dislike anything that involves being upside-down, and this summer I was able to do my first handstand against the wall! (Now, if I go my whole life without ever doing a handstand push up… I would be ok with that.)

If there was a workout named after you:
1) What would be be called? the Lando Lakes special
2) What would it be? Something long (at least 45-50 minutes)… maybe a ladder of burpees, cleans, snatches, devil’s presses, running… Oh, and at the end you get a donut.