Saturday 1/31/15










This morning we are running the 9am, as usual–skill/WOD that are suitable for beginners, bur certainly not easy!  10 am will run on an Open Gym model to allow make up of Mon/Tues WODs due to closure, work a skill, or complete the Lanco Open WOD.

9 am:
We’ll work some shoulder mobility first then:

8 min EOMOM
even: 4 strict pull ups
odd: 6 push ups
numbers and degree of difficulty can be modified

1 min on, 30 secs off until 5 rounds are complete:
3 clean and jerks
9 grasshoppers

Wednesday 1/28/15

Skill work:
extended mobility (hips, ankle, t-spine, overhead)

4×4 back squats @70%

Thrusters 95/65
Pull ups

ring rows/pull ups



Tuesday, late Opening

The box will reopen with Open Gym today at 11.  Normal hours for the afternoon and evening.  Thank you!

~NO 7pm Class Monday Night~

We are shutting down a little early tonight and will NOT be running the 7 pm WOD.  Please come at 5 or 6, or come in another night soon.  Stay tuned for any cancellations Tuesday here, and on Facebook.  Any questions you may call/text Tricia at 732.598.8550

Monday 1/26/15

Writing this as the weather updates and forecasts are flying all over.  The 5:30 am crew should plan to stay home if you awake to a snow covered ground with snow still falling.  If MTWP is delayed/cancelled our early class will be too.  The rest of the day we will update as we go.  If you are on Facebook, please follow news there!

1 1/4 FRSQs 5×3 @ 70%

L sits- accumulate 45-60 secs in difficult progression/variation

5 Curtis Ps 95/65 (power clean, left lunge, right lunge, push press)
1 rd of Cindy (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats)
4 Curtis Ps
1 rd of Cindy
3 Curtis Ps
1 rd of Cindy
2 Curtis Ps
1 rd of Cindy
1 Curtis P
1 rd of Cindy

Thursday 1/22/15

Kipping (pull ups, TTB, muscle ups)

(squat) snatch progression, ascending
OHSQ x20
snatch balance 3×2
hang (squat) snatch 3×2
full snatch 4×1

3 on/ 1 off/ 3 on/ 1 off/ 3 on

9 deadlifts 115/75
6 push press 115/75
6 burpee tuck jumps

3 on/ 1 off/ 3 on/ 1 off/ 3 on

6 deadlifts
6 push press
6 lateral burpees

Weather Update

Due to snow we are modifying and abbreviating the evening hours.

We will be operating an Open Gym style schedule from 4-6pm tonight.