Monday 10/20/14

A huge congrats and job well done to all the teams who competed Saturday at the Mountain Melee competition.  Definitely represented well and you all should be proud!!

Plus Alex, Turnier and Mark who are apparently too cool for pictures. ;)


a) 15 minutes of coached mobility

b) 4×8 barbell bent over rows

10 min AMRAP-
8 box jump over
6 hang power cleans 135/95
2 wall walks
200m run

8 min AMRAP-
8 box jumps
4 hang power cleans
4 inchworms
200m run

Friday 10/17/14


In 9 mins:
In 3 mins, complete 3 high hang snatch EMOM at same weight
Increasing load complete 3 hang snatch EMOM for 3 mins, same weight
Increasing load complete 3 power snatches EMOM for 3 mins, same weight

EMOM for 6 minutes, max effort L sit hold (cap at 20 seconds) hanging, box, parallettes

4 rounds for cals and reps
1 min row for calories
1 min burpees
30 seconds rest


Wednesday 10/15/14

a) 5 min AMRAP pull ups (pick option to do no more than 50 reps)

b) 4×4 OHSQ @ 85%

5 rds-
4 deadlifts @65%
6 bar facing burpees
8 hollow ups
10 single arm OH lunges (35/20- lb DB)

4 rds-
4 deadlifts
6  burpees
8 lunges
10 sit ups



Tuesday 10/14/14

a) 6x power clean, hang (squat) clean, full (squat) clean–touch and go

b) 15 minutes to find max jerk

In 3 mins, amrap DUs with 4 thrusters (95/65) OTM
~REST 2 mins~
In 3 mins, amrap wall balls (20/14) with 4 box jumps(24/20) OTM

In 3 mins, amrap DUs with 4 thrusters (135/95) OTM
~REST 2 mins~
In 3 mins, amrap wall balls (20/14) with 4 box jumps(30/24) OTM

Monday 10/13/14


a) 20 minutes to establish max deadlift

b) Accumulate 25 reps of most difficult push up variation, rep scheme is up to you

EMOM for 6 mins
1 bear complex 115/75

AMRAP in 6 mins
3x DL, HPC, PP
6 hanging knee raises

EMOM for 6 mins
2 bear complexes 135/95



Saturday 10/11/14

Morning!  Get up and get out of bed.  Its cold and dreary and you’ll feel waaaaaaay better if you motivate and get in here!!

We are going to spend 15-20 minutes on coached mobility and pre-hab this morning; a much needed reprieve after a tough week.

2 rds for time-
25 calorie row
20 wall balls
15 hanging knee raises
10 hang power cleans
5 burpee pull ups

10am Partner WOD:
A little reminiscent of 14.4 we’re going to do this as partners-
100 calorie row
80 TTB (DO NOT rip your hands-sub static knee raises or hollow ups as needed)
60 wall balls 25/20
40 cleans 155/105
20 muscle ups ring or bar (sub burpee C2B)

Thursday 10/9/14

a) 6x (up to 6) pull ups.  Modify with negatives and bands–or scale up with C2B, weight

b) EMOM for 9 mins- 3 deadlifts, 2 hang power cleans, 1 split jerk.  Use final jerk weight from 10/1

5 rds- 25 on 5 off for total reps
ring dips
DB snatches 40/25
burpee tuck jumps
Rest (30 secs)

5 rds- 25 on 5 off for total reps
push ups
DB snatches