Thursday 2/26/15

Countdown to the release of Open WOD 15.1 is on!  You still have time to sign up!!

We’ll start with some extended mobility work to prep for Friday.

5×5 bent over row

Down, then up-
50 KB swings 20/16
40 grasshoppers (total)
30 lunges
20 calorie row
10 HSPUs

Wednesday 2/25/15

12 mins to work to daily max power snatch

Then EMOM for 7 mins, 3 power snatches at 75%

AMRAP in 10
2-4-6-8-10 etc…
DB snatches 50/35 (24/16 KB)
C2B pull ups
box jump overs 24/20″

Tuesday 2/24/15

Rowing technique review–stroke rate/damper settings and positions-
then max effort calories in 2 minutes

push presses 115/75 (NO jerks)
bar facing burpees
*=50 double unders


Monday 2/23/15


Overhead squat- for those proficient, work 5×5 from the floor
Mobility and pipe work for those still working on positions

Open WOD 11.5
AMRAP in 20 mins-
5 power cleans 145/100
10 TTB
15 wall balls 24/20
(DO NOT rip your hands.  If you need to drop to static K2E, do that or hollow rocks)

AMRAP in 16 mins-
4 power cleans 95/65
8 K2E
12 wall balls 14/10

4 mins on/2 off/4 mins on/2 off/ 4 mins on
10 sit ups
12 air squats

Friday 2/20/15


BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRR, get in here and get warm!  We will be running all classes despite the school delays since the roads are a-ok!


15 mins to find working max, jerk

Tabata abs-
rotating, 3 rds:
sit ups
hollow rocks/ups
side plank L
side plank R
OTM for 12 mins
min 1- row for calories 13/10
min 2- push ups 10/8
min 3- 20 KBS 24/20


Wednesday 2/18/15

How often have you looked over and seen this same exact look?  Kyle in his comfy squat—yeah we all need more mobility work!!

EOMOM for 10 mins
even- 5 strict chin ups (supine grip)
odd- 20 second handstand hold
*scale reps and time +/- as needed to push yourself but remain successful*

AMRAP in 10 mins
Ascending ladder
2, 2-4, 4-6,6-8,8 etc
clean and jerks 135/95
burpees to 6″ target

4 min on/ 2 off/ 4 min on
2 clean and jerks
4 no push up burpees
6 tuck jumps


Tuesday 2/17/15

Hoping the weather cooperates, but stay tuned for school delayed openings—-if there is a 2 hour delay the 5:30 and 9 will be cancelled.  Any doubts, please text 732.598.8550 or check Facebook.

Every 2 minutes for 12 mins building AHAP
power clean-hang squat clean-squat clean

Ring dips, accumulate 25+/- reps

>500m row<
5 rds-
12 wall balls
12 single arm OH lunges (12/8 kg KB, or 25/15 lb DB)
>500m row<