Nicolle Freeseman

The beginning of 2013 is when I would say my passion for CrossFit was born.  Growing up I was a competitive swimmer and diver, continuing this through high school.  I was always a member of a local gym with my primary focus being the typical “cardio” workout.  That all changed when I was introduced to CrossFit.

Intimidated, nervous and excited would describe my feelings right before that first WOD.  As soon as it was over I was hooked.  It was difficult and challenging, forcing me to perform movements that I’ve never done before.  CrossFit changed my physical and mental view of what being in shape means.  I mentally struggled with my body image while growing up and was diagnosed with cancer in 2000.  After struggling through my own obstacles and my year of chemo, never in my wildest dreams would I think that I’d be in the best shape of my life while in my 40’s.  I attribute CrossFit for my new found self confidence and strength.

CrossFit is made up of an amazing community that supports and encourages everyone on a daily basis.  Pushing and challenging each other to do better than the day before.  Friendship, support, strength, health, self confidence and so much more is what CrossFit has given me.  It’s only natural that I would want to help everyone else achieve that same goal for themselves.  That is what coaching is all about!