Paige Lower-Yost

I first found CrossFit in 2013. A friend of mine convinced me to drop-in while we were on vacation and I had never experienced something so challenging, so humbling, and so fun. Since then I have never looked back.

Over the course of six years, I used CrossFit as a way to push my limits, achieve milestones, and find a strength I never knew. The biggest and best challenge came when I found out I was pregnant and since then through my postpartum journey. I had to learn to pay attention to my body, to move with intention and quality versus intensity and volume. When once before my drivers were to be the best, strongest version of myself, I now find that fitness is more for being well, quality movement, and setting an example for our daughter.

I decided to pursue my Level-1 in 2018 to share my knowledge and help others find their power and be their own inspiration. I want our athletes to show up and be present to their best selves and be okay with it looking different to someone else’s