Kyle O’Brien

I found CrossFit in 2007 from an unlikely source. I was in a personal training program and my instructor (a decorated powerlifter) was spending a few days going over non-traditional forms of fitness. He hated CrossFit and wasn’t shy about saying so. So being the rebel that I am I tried it out with a few classmates that day. Naturally I almost died and was instantly in love.

Teaching CrossFit really appeals to my more detailed nature. I love obsessing over the technical minutiae of the Olympic lifts or the compensation patterns that cause a little lack of ankle mobility to morph into back pain. I geek out hard in the gym. But it’s more than that.

Like that first WOD CrossFit constantly humbles me not only in my personal fitness goals but in its capacity to change lives. I’ve seen it bring completely disparate people together, strengthen people emotionally and physically and give a person a sense of control over themselves they never had before. It truly is the complete package and I love to see people get hooked and watch the impact it can have on their lives.