Rachael Leonard

When I got out of college, I thought I was in the best shape ever. I was running a few miles every day, playing lacrosse, and “lifting” on machines at the gym. Shortly after I met my husband, I started going to a personal trainer. Doing that completely altered my view of what being in shape looked like. I was totally not as in shape as I thought I was. Down the road, I got certified as a personal trainer and that’s when my best friend convinced me to try CrossFit. It was many months of me saying things like “No way! You guys are crazy. I could never do any of that stuff” before I finally gave in. I found my first box in August of 2013 and once again realized how out of shape I truly was! I was immediately in love and signed up right then and there.

CrossFit has given me so many great gifts, not only in my own personal accomplishments, but in all the athlete’s I’ve coached and competed with thus far. With an athletic upbringing, I’ve had many injuries throughout the years. One in particular kept me going to a chiropractor monthly. Thanks to CrossFit, I’ve built up my strength so much that I haven’t been back in years! Knowing that this sport is helping so many people in so many walks of life continue their lives with more ease is so satisfying. And who doesn’t love seeing someone do something they never could before? They get so excited and their eyes light up. That’s what I love about coaching – the satisfaction I get from helping people becoming better versions of themselves.